My Childhood Days. =))

I was born on the 5th of December 1996 at Mother & Child Lying-in-clinic. I was able to walk when I was 10 months old already. When I was almost 3 years old, my mother said I was always hooked on watching Fashion TV and Disney Channel. Those were my favorite channels to watch when I was still a kiddo. 🙂 When I reach at the age of 4, I began learning different educational stuffs, I discovered what my talents are like dancing, singing, acting, and of course by watching everyday Fashion TV, I learned how to walk like a model. Lol, Ikr? 😀 But anyway, my childhood also seemed very dramatic because when I was about 5 years old, my dad left me and mom. Since then, I live with my mother. I was always with my nanny because my mother had to work to support me. My mother and I live with my grandparents house. So, I started going to school from kindergarten-6th grade at STCDCFI and began to have lots of friends. I really enjoyed my childhood days. If I could turn back the time, I could’ve enjoyed it even more. ((=



P.S. Here’s a photo back when I was a lil’ girl 😀 Hahaha




For My Awesome Teacher

Hey Sir! =) How was your trip? I hope you had a nice long trip back to your country and I bet you made new friends on your way home. How are you? We missed you already. When will you come back here in the Philippines? 😉 It’s been a tough week here in our school since we have our late 2nd Periodical exam in English. The test was quite hard. We have to memorize Shakespeare’s 3 sonnets! but I only memorized two. 😀 Anyway, I heard you’ll come back here on our graduation day. Is that true? Well, hope you make it though. 🙂 Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! Enjoy your Christmas Holiday. We miss you sir! Thanks for being the best teacher ever!! See you soon! 🙂